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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can you buy Instagram followers?

Instagram is a new trend among people. It is a social media platform where a person is allowed to share their photos and videos around other people or around the globe. Instagram is owned by Facebook, Inc. but unlike Facebook where you do not send friend requests, here you send follow request and in return, they follow you back. The more followers you have, the more people could visit through your profile, pictures and videos. Instagram is one of the most emerging platforms in terms of business too. Even if you are a small scale business person or a large scale, your work will get famous only when you have the right number of followers and there is a way through which you can increase your followers that is by buying them. And one of the most trusted providers is Social-Viral. We provide you with high-quality followers with fast delivery and 24/7 assistance. Our packages start from $2.49, for example in $2.49 you will get 100 followers and in $5.99 around 500 genuine followers, who will not only follow you back but they will support your content, will help in making it famous or making you famous. So we could say it is a very simple process to buy Instagram followers, you need to search a genuine provider like Social-Viral and choose your package, then sit back they will handle the rest.

Is buying Instagram followers safe?

In today’s world, social media plays an important role in people’s life. Instagram is a sharing social media service which allows the user to display about their likes or dislikes and about them or their family by posting pictures and videos. Here you follow people and they can follow you back. The followers represent the number of people who are following you, watching you feed, pictures and videos. If you have more followers then you become more famous, so sometimes people buy followers for their business profile or just for getting famous. But there is a myth that buying Instagram followers is not safe. There is no such problem in buying followers unless and until you buy it from genuine providers because they provide you with real and high-quality followers. These followers will not only make you famous but will support you too, these followers stay for a long time as they are genuine ones and buying them is also very simple and safe as you just need to choose the package of followers which suits you or create one, then tell them the username on which you need these followers and then proceed through your suitable payment method. The genuine provider will even assist you 24/7 and will deliver the followers as soon as possible.

Is buying Instagram followers worth it?

As we all know Instagram is a social media platform where you interact with the world via sharing your pics and videos. And when you talk about Instagram the first thing which pop-ups in one’s mind are the number of followers he or she has. The number of followers you have the more is your popularity, whether it is a normal account or any business profile, the number of followers represents your status, your brand name, etc. So if you need to increase your name, fame, business status, then the first thing you should focus on is increasing your followers which is a time-consuming process but there is a short cut that is you could buy Instagram followers from genuine providers. As they will provide you with genuine followers in a short time which will save money and time. Through this method, you will get real account holders who follow you back and they will support your profile in becoming famous because the more followers you have the more people will visit through your profile. In this way in a short time, your account will become famous as well as trust is built when any random person visits your profile and see such a big following, hence it is worth buying Instagram followers.

Is buying Instagram followers good for business?

If you want to get famous normally or you want to become a public figure or you want you business to reach new height, the most important ingredient is popularity and this could be easily achieved with the help of social media and the most emerging platform which makes you famous just by sharing your pictures and videos is Instagram. Becoming insta famous means having a lot of benefits but this could be achieved only when you have a large number of followers and an easy way to achieve this is by buying them. This is very helpful from the point of view of business as the more number of followers you have the more famous and visible in your account among the others. It will provide you with the attention you seek as a business person. This also helps you in a way that is if u have a large number of followers then your shared pictures or video will get more likes, comments, clicks on it as well as it will be shared more, so through this method your activity level increases on the Instagram and your visibility will be more than the other less active accounts.

Should you buy Instagram followers?

Being famous on Instagram have a lot of benefits. If you are a public figure or whether you want your business or brand to become famous, the commonest way nowadays is to set up your profile on Instagram and let people know about it. But to become famous here you should have a lot of followers because in that manner only your profile will be easily visible on the top of others account, in fact, people before checking out your profile rather they see how many followers you have, which proves that you are a trustworthy brand. So having a lot of followers is a must. But it is a time- consuming process, so simple and easy way which people could come across easily is that they could buy Instagram followers from all around the world, from a trusted provider like As these providers will provide you with real account who will follow not only follow you back but will you support your brand in reaching new heights. So one should buy Instagram followers as it makes your work easier and efficient. And buying process is also easy, safe and genuine. You just need to choose your package and then pay through a secure payment gateway and leave the rest to them.

Does buy Instagram followers work?

As we all know that Instagram is the best place for someone to set up his or her business or make his or her business a brand and achieve fame. But we all know to get famous on Instagram the basic need is that you need to have a lot of followers and this could be easily achieved through buying them. If you buy Instagram followers it will sort out all your problems and will make you visible among the world. As you will have more followers then you will get more likes, comments as well as clicks on your pictures or videos which make your online presence more visible as compared to other account holders who have fewer activity hours or likes. The more followers you have the more visible you will get amongst the others, this is a simple logic like if a person have 100 followers and on the other side someone have 1k followers then the audience will definitely be attracted more towards the 1k followers as they will find it more promising and genuine. So in short one should definitely buy Instagram followers as it provides you with endless benefits.

Is it legal to buy followers on Instagram?

In today’s world Instagram is a must thing for any personality to achieve fame. But Instagram is all about having a large number of followers. So to achieve followers, people nowadays could simply buy them and as such, there is no risk in it. Because the providers provide you with genuine followers who are real account holder, none of them is a computer-generated one. So Instagram can not ban you or your followers unless and until they are real ones. Providers like all these provide you with genuine followers who will support your content and will promote it as well and they will not leave you for years. So it is totally legal to buy followers, the only thing one must keep in mind is that he or she shall but it from a genuine provider and chose their suitable package according to their need. And the providers who provide you with followers they are legalistic if they provide you with real account, not any fake generated, so Instagram will never report any issue or problems regarding your account or the providers, the only thing one must check before buying followers is that the provider must b genuine, check their reviews, comments and you will understand which one is genuine and which is not.

Why people buy Instagram followers?

Instagram is one of the most used social media services in today’s world. People use Instagram not only for fun but for getting famous among the world. Instagram is all about followers and if you need more followers then the simplest way is to buy them. The more followers you have, the more visible you will be on Instagram and have a great influence on the audience who will watch for your account and if you are a business person and want to promote your product or service then having a large number of followers is a must thing. As a newcomer it will be difficult for a person to build up audience and that’s why buying Instagram followers comes in because when you buy followers there is an increase in the number of followers you have which means your account, business or brand will reach out to more people which will at the end result in your growth. And this growth will provide you with more number of likes and with this pattern your page or account will b placed on the new feed or explorer page, which will again lead to more people and more followers as they will get attracted toward you and you promotional process will carry on without any interruption or problems. In short, buying Instagram followers will provide you with a great start in this social media phase.

Is there any risk of buying Instagram followers?

For a kick start on your social media journey especially on the Instagram platform, one must have a great number of followers. But people think that buying Instagram followers is risky but this is totally wrong. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you should buy these followers from a genuine provider who will supply you real entity based accounts not any system generated ones. Providers like us supplies you with a real account, which not only increases your number but it lasts long and helps you with likes as well as promotional events too. They provide you with followers under the terms and conditions of the Instagram so that you are at no risk and they keep a monitor on the followers as well as provide you with 24/7 support and even if your followers get decrease by any chance then they again full fill the gap soon enough. Hence buying followers from reputed and genuine providers will place you at zero per cent risk and in fact will help you in building up your social media reputation without any struggling in your early phase.

Is their any need of purchasing Instagram Followers?

If you wants to gain hike in your followers and wants to reach at heights of social media by promoting your product or expanding your business in such situation more followers will help you in advertising your business. With increased number of followers there will also be good number of likes which will take your account within the instagram algorithms.

Why should I go for Social Viral to get instagram followers?

Social Viral is a customer centric company, we understand the value of customers and their satisfaction. We are one of the leading companies in this field and serving as best for all our clients. Whenever you purchase instagram followers, likes and views, assure you to provide best results.

Will the Instagram followers appear soon after order?

Once after you make your order for purchase, we starts working as soon as possible. You just need to make your account public and the rest work will be done by us within 10 minutes. We do not waste lots of your time like other companies in providing you the desires service.

How will you increase my brand awareness on Instagram?

In today's world instagram has become a useful tool for taking your brand to lots of people. We help you in reaching towards large number of audience which can turn out to be potential customers for you. If you post something useful on Instagram then there are more chances to get positive feedback on advertised product this will help you a lot in taking your business at peak.

Is there any risk? Will Instagram ban me for purchasing followers?

Most of the people afraid from this question, it is absolutely wrong there is no risk on purchasing followers with our process and Instagram will also never ban you. As it is our responsibility to keep you and your account secure, so all activities which are performed by us comes under the compliance of instagram.

Will I need to provide my Instagram password to you?

We don't create any kind of changes in your account we just let your site to reach various customers and encourage them to to follow you. There are although various applications which claims to provide you followers free of cost and then in return they ask for the access of your account which means that you provide them your login details along with the password.

Will my followers disappear after sometime?

As we only provide you high quality suppliers or followers who falls under the guidelines of instagram. As per our policies we tries to sustain your followers for a long time and also keep an eye over your account every week so that you can reach your number of targeted followers as soon as possible without losing them.

What does a high quality followers means?

With social viral you will get high quality customers who remain active, real customers in natural manner for long period of time. We are also providing you good customer care and support service so that you will get all your queries cleared.