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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can you buy Instagram likes?

Instagram is one of the most used social media services, it allows you to share pictures and videos among the world. It allows you to display your personality or your business in front of the world. And when you post any picture the most important thing is to get likes on it, because through likes only you can get recognition among the people. The more likes you have the more visible you get on the explorer page of the Instagram. But getting likes on your picture naturally is a very time consuming and tough work, in order to ease your work nowadays people can buy Instagram likes. Yes it’s true you can buy Instagram likes, you just need to choose a genuine provider and choose the package which suits you and just share your username and no password is required and within a fraction of minutes, you will start getting likes. And if any packages do not suit you then you can create your own package too. Genuine providers provide you with high-quality likes that is likes from genuine and real account holder which also means there is no risk of banning from Instagram too. So go ahead and buy Instagram likes for your account.

Is buying Instagram likes safe?

On Instagram, people post their pictures and wait for likes to come because the more likes they have, the more visibility or recognition they can get in this social media world. And they want this likes either to become famous on Instagram or promote their business or brand on Instagram. For all this nowadays people buy likes from different providers in order to get a kick start to their social journey. But people often get confused whether buying Instagram likes are safe or not, it is totally safe, you just need to buy this likes from a genuine provider like social-viral. All these types of providers provide you with real account based likes which will even like your profile afterwards too if they got interested in your posts or account. And buying is totally safe as they do not share your username to any third party and neither they ask for your password. And even the payment which you do on choosing a package is totally safe as it is processed through a recognised payment gateway like Paypal or via your credit card so there is zero per cent risk involved. And as all these likes you get are via real account so you do not disobey the policy of Instagram, so there is no risk of getting banned.

Is buying Instagram likes worth it?

People post their pictures or videos on Instagram to get famous or to promote their business or brand. And this could only be achieved when you receive a lot of likes on your post because then only you can achieve visibility among other accounts and get displayed on the explore page of the Instagram. Whether you agree or not people post their picture or videos in order to get recognised and that is the format of social media, people share about them or their business so that they could achieve recognition and fame, and Instagram all this is achieved easily by getting more and more likes but getting likes on new posts or for a newcomer is tough that is where the idea of buying Instagram likes comes in because sometimes you need a kick start in order to get a smooth way for future, so buying likes is totally worth it. In fact, via more likes on your post people will recognise it as a trusted post and your account will get more viewers. And all through this, you will achieve more publicity which will at the end help you set up a platform for your future posts, so buying likes are worthy

Is buying Instagram likes good for business?

Definitely buying Instagram likes are good for business because even if you post very unique and creative content on Instagram it won’t get any attraction if your post is lacking likes. So in order to achieve a great number of likes people need to buy Instagram likes, but keep in mind that you should choose a suitable package of likes according to your followers and post. When you have a business profile the first and foremost thing important for an account holder is that his or her post should achieve popularity and recognition among the other brands then only his or her business could achieve new heights and this is only possible when you get a sufficient amount of likes on your post as these likes is a proof of trust that people are showing in your product or service available as well as through these likes only you will achieve visibility online among the other accounts on the explorer page of Instagram. If you wait to achieve likes through natural method than it is a time-consuming process which is not good for a business person because time is money, this is another reason why people should buy likes so that their business get a kick start.

Should you buy Instagram likes?

One should definitely buy Instagram likes because as we all know Instagram is one of the most used social media services and to get famous on it, your post needs a lot of likes because only through this likes people will get attracted towards you. The social media platform thrives on likes only as the more like you will get on your post the more it will travel or occur in front of other people that is it will get more exposure on this social media platform and if you want to become famous or a public figure or whether you have a business or a brand all you need is name and fame, this could be achieved when you will have a lot of Instagram likes on your posts because through this you will be more visible online and more audience will be lured toward your account. But you should match the number of followers and then choose a suitable package of likes because at first, it should not contradict. To become popular on Instagram whether for your own need or your business setup, a person should get a suitable amount of like because then only other people will look for your account or post and will trust you.

Does buy Instagram likes work?

Buying Instagram likes definitely comes in handy because whether you are an aspiring business person or an aspiring public figure, you will not achieve success on the go until and unless you will you have an adequate amount of likes on your post. And to achieve Instagram likes without wasting any time, the best way is to buy them because when you will get more likes on your post then your appearance online will sure be affected because the more likes you have the more exposure you will get, the more you will occur on the explorer page which is very necessary on any social media platform. Whether you have a business profile or just a normal account, everyone needs recognition in this world and when you will have a lot of likes on your post then sure it will be an eye-catching thing for other users and they will get attracted towards you and you will achieve whatever you wish for whether it be fame or any promotional event for your account, that is why buying Instagram likes definitely work because it makes your workload much easier to handle.

Is it legal to buy likes on Instagram?

It is definitely legal to buy likes on Instagram unless and until you buy it from a genuine provider because they supply you with likes from genuine and real account holders who not only support you or provide you with like but will also help you in promoting your service if they get attracted towards yours. And they can keep on liking your post even after their role has ended because they are real accounts and if they liked your product or brand or your profile then they will follow you as well as they will keep on liking your posts. As they are not system generated accounts hence buying likes does not affect the rules and regulations of Instagram and hence there is nothing illegal in it. These providers work in a pattern that they promote our account through advertisements in front of different accounts and they look through it and if they get attracted towards it then they will like your posts, which means real account entities get attracted towards your work and it is totally legal then. Just the thing one should keep in mind that buying likes should be done from genuine providers because they only provide you with genuine likes.

Why people buy Instagram likes?

Instagram is a social media platform where people share their pictures and videos in order to get recognised though some people will not agree with this every account holder wants more likes and more followers on their profile and if you are a business person then for sure you will want more people to visit your profile and all this could only be achieved when you have a lot likes on your posts then only people will trust your account will follow you back for the service you provide whether related to business or your brand and even if you are an aspiring public figure you do need likes and through likes only you can achieve more followers. These likes act as a trust factor as well as provide you with the recognition you want on social media. And when you will have more likes then your account activity level will increase and you will appear more on Instagram and in front of other people, suggestions will pop up and you will also be on the explorer page hence at the end all this will lead to being in favour of your account, and you will get the required attention you want, this is why people buy likes.

Is there any risk in buying Instagram likes?

There is zero per cent risk in buying Instagram likes because the providers provide you with real entity based likes that is likes from real account not from any system generated accounts and this is why it does not obliterates any rules and regulations of Instagram which makes it totally legal with no risk involved in it, the only thing one should keep in mind is that he or she should buy likes from genuine providers and should choose a suitable package of likes according to their requirements and accounts need, he or she should not buy extra likes because if you buy extra likes then the required ones, then your account could become susceptible on Instagram. And even there is no risk in buying Instagram likes as these providers never share your information with any third party, and they do not ask for your password too, they just ask the username on which they have to deliver the likes. As well as while buying process is also totally safe because they use secure payment gateways like PayPal or via your credit card hence there is zero per cent risk involved in any stage of buying the likes and even after buying when they provide you with the likes then too there is no risk involved that is you won’t be banned, etc.

What is the need of Buying Instagram Likes?

It is quite common that the popularity of social media is on its peak and we are in such kind of world where most of the people use various social platforms for expressing their feelings, thoughts and much more. If you purchase likes for any of your post or brand advertisement then it will surely reach to a high group of people and will increase the popularity of same.

Will I get the same what I want from social viral? provides 100% assurance with guarantee to their customers for the same you want. We promote your platform in more specific way in order of providing a great platform for your product.

What is the difference between social viral and other websites offering same?

We are serving our customers since long time with the rate of 100% customer satisfaction. Lots of high grade people like businesses men are associated with the for taking their product to thousands of potential customers

Are you sure that your services underlays the policies of Instagram?

Social media has now become a great platform to take your business at new heights. Our team remain up-to-date with the changing policies of instagram and keeps your page up to date according to them. You just have to be confident and stress free just leave everything on us and enjoy the changes.

How much time will it take in processing my request?

As we value for your time our priority is to provide you desired service as soon as possible, you will be going to see the results within few minutes. You might have heard about the high-quality likes as quality is one of the most prior concept for any business or company.

How can I get automatic Likes?

There are many applications which provide likes free of cost. It is necessary that you should be aware of all such kind of activities and don't go through them as it may result in frozen or banned account. It may be possible that you get lots of likes but from the inactive persons then you can think about it that the point is useless of getting such likes. So, you can opt for our automatic like service which is trustworthy and completely reliable.

How does works?

Once after getting increase in the number of likes from different people you will build up a strong network connection and it will also let your product to reach toward lots of people leading an increase in your organic growth. This will also enhance the persons to review your product and purchase them.

What is the payment method you prefer from your customers?

To make it ease for us and customers both we have currently associated with the payment method of PayPal. You can directly connect your credit card details with PayPal and pay the amount for service you need.