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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the packages that we offer were carefully made in order to ensure that you get exactly what you need at a price that you're happy to pay.

  • Why is TikTok good for my personal brand or business?

    TikTok is one of the newest, fastest-growing, influential social media platforms on the internet today. Statistics show that it was even the most downloaded app in 2021 and now boasts on average one billion active users every month. With so many accounts available to help influencers reach success and gather exciting new business opportunities, many people want to know how to get views on TikTok.
    The more views you receive when you upload a post on the platform, the more likely you will receive more likes, comments, and followers. With higher engagement, you have a better chance to appear on TikTok’s coveted ‘Trending’ page, opening you up to better organic reach, a more valuable account, and increased visibility on individuals’ ‘for you’ pages.
    Working alongside TikTok’s algorithm is your key to success on TikTok. It’s the most advanced of any other social media platform and works quickly and efficiently to scan your content’s engagement, helping you find similar videos and accounts to relate to. If you are curious as to how you can use the algorithm to help boost your own online presence, buy views on TikTok, through Social-Viral to give yourself a competitive advantage.

  • Are TikTok views important?

    If you’ve set up a TikTok account to grow your business or personal brand, then discovering how to get more TikTok views can contribute greatly to your success. When more people view your content, there’s a greater chance of active users engaging with your brand, purchasing your products and services, and even sharing your content.
    The TikTok algorithm is complex, but you can easily beat it when you buy TikTok views from Social-Viral. The more views you purchase, the more active accounts view your content, and the more likely you will show up on the ‘Trending’ and ‘For You’ pages of other accounts.
    Every view counts, and the more organic views you can gain when you purchase TikTok views from us, the higher the chance you’ll have to grow your business, brand, or personal account.

  • Why should I buy TikTok views?

    TikTok is the fastest growing and now one of the most popular social media platforms available, with an estimated one billion active users each month. Unlike any other application available, it has a unique user experience and a range of different opportunities compared to traditional platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
    TikTok’s a large platform, so it’s integral to stand out from other accounts in terms of views, likes, and followers. However, with so many new videos available each day, other users can find it difficult to discover your talent. When you purchase TikTok views, you increase your chances of organic growth and can work with the algorithm.

  • How do I purchase TikTok views?

    Social-Viral’s easy-to-use webpage interface makes it simpler than ever to buy views on TikTok and increase engagement and traffic to your account. Follow these three easy steps to instantly increase the views on your content: 1. First, choose the perfect package for your brand or business (based on how many views you’d like to gain on each of your posts).
    2. Then, carefully enter your TikTok username (don’t worry - we will never ask for your password or other personal information), and fill in your payment details using our 100% safe and secure data-encrypted payment procedure.
    3. Sit back and watch as your views continue to increase.

  • Why should I buy views on TikTok from Social-Viral?

    Reaching the popularity of some of your favorite TikTok posts, each boasting millions of views may seem out of reach for your account - but it doesn’t have to be. We want people to appreciate your talent and the quality of your content, which is why we are here to help ordinary people achieve TikTok success every day.
    Being open and honest with our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Social-Viral is made up of a small yet dedicated team of social media experts who pride themselves on high-quality customer service and years of expertise. No matter your goal when you purchase TikTok views, whether you only want a few hundred extra views on your first video or 10,000 new views spread across your entire account, we have packages to pay for TikTok views that are tailored to everyone’s needs. With Social-Viral, we only use completely legitimate and real accounts offering you the chance of gaining maximum exposure.

  • Is it safe to buy TikTok views from Social-Viral?

    It is 100% safe to buy views on TikTok from us. At Social-Viral, and your safety is at the center of everything we do. That is why we never ask for your personal details. Instead, all you have to provide us with is the name of your account, if you would like your views spread out, or a URL to an individual video.
    We only provide you with real, authentic, and active accounts to view your content. This is allowed under TikTok’s guidelines which means that the content and following you’ve developed and built will continue to be completely safe. There are no chances of you breaking any rules, and you can reach TikTok fame with a clear conscience.

  • Do you offer other TikTok services?

    Yes! At Social-Viral, we are here to help you achieve success on TikTok through a number of different services. Alongside the option to purchase TikTok views, you can also opt for another one of our amazing packages. Whether you want new followers or more likes on your content, we are here to help.

  • How quickly will I receive my views?

    When you pay for TikTok views with Social-Viral, the timeframe to receive your views will depend on whether you’ve provided us with a URL, or just an account name. If you want your views to target a specific post, simply send us the URL with your purchase, and the delivery will start as quickly as five minutes after your order is confirmed.
    If you opt to have your views spread out amongst all your videos and do not provide a specific URL, then the timeframe in which you receive your views may be slightly longer. Once you’ve made your purchase, your views are delivered in just 12 hours!
    Ensure your profile and TikTok posts are not on private mode when you buy TikTok views with Social-Viral.

  • Are there risks involving buying TikTok views?

    Everyone wants to know how to get more TikTok views without compromising their account. At Social-Viral, we pride ourselves on complete honesty and safety. There are very few risks when buying TikTok views from us as we protect your privacy at all costs. We use a unique approach of providing our customers with genuine views from real accounts that protects your own account from getting banned.
    The team at Social-Viral understands that social media platforms like TikTok are always changing their terms and conditions, which is why we keep track of whether TikTok changes their policies so we maintain compliant at all times. You can remain confident that we will boost your account’s performance with complete safety.

  • Does Social-Viral need my password to buy TikTok views?

    No, we will never ask you for your password at Social-Viral. We take your security very seriously and ask for as little information as possible when you purchase TikTok views. Some apps that promise to deliver views to your account will ask you to surrender your password and login information, but these platforms are dangerous and often very untrustworthy. They will most likely supply you with views from bot accounts which could get you banned from TikTok. At Social-Viral, we only boost your TikTok views with real accounts without asking for sensitive information.

  • Is it expensive to buy TikTok views? (here we can talk about different packages etc)

    When you pay for TikTok views on Social-Viral, it’s extremely affordable. In fact, it only costs 70 cents for every 1,000 TikTok views you buy! There’s also the opportunity to save more with bulk pricing, which is cheaper and less time-consuming, allowing you to grow your social media presence and TikTok views faster than any other means.

  • What payments do you accept for TikTok views?

    At Social-Viral, we offer a wide range of options when you buy TikTok views, including all credit cards and PayPal.

  • How long do the views last on my account?

    There’s no point in buying TikTok views if they disappear in just a few days, and with Social-Viral, you never have to worry about this happening. Once we provide you with views from real and active TikTok accounts, they are yours to keep! They will work just as if you were receiving views from your other followers.

  • Can people see who’s viewed my videos?

    When you post content on TikTok’s platform, you can see how many people have viewed your video, but not their details. The same applies to any followers or visitors to your account. However, there are no guarantees that this will always remain the case, as TikTok is a constantly evolving platform and always adding new features for its users to enjoy.
    Regardless of whether TikTok will add a feature in the future where you can see who has viewed each video, this will not impact the pricing or effectiveness of buying TikTok views from Social-Viral. Every view you receive from us is legitimate and from an active account, which will not undermine your popularity and success.


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