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At Social-Viral we can help you boost your viewer engagement and page views at rates you will find attractive, by supplying you with 100% genuine Facebook Views. Social-Viral is the most trusted name in the business, and we invite you to read on before you go elsewhere!

Why Buy Facebook Views from Social-Viral

The more views you have, the better standing your Facebook page has in the community. At Social-Viral you can rely on us to give you not only the best available, 100% genuine Facebook views – from real accounts – but you’ll also find our service to be the best around. Before you go for that really cheap deal, please read the next paragraph – it’s important!
Here’s how it is: many people are offering your Facebook View, likes and even friends, and you’ve probably seen some amazingly low priced when searching. We strongly advise you to stick with us, and here’s why: all our Facebook Views and other social media services use real accounts. Others will cut costs by supplying bot-generated Views. Facebook spots these a mile away and will shut down pages using them.
At Social-Viral you get real Likes from a real account every time, and we believe our rates are very reasonable compared to the bot version. Here are some of our promises:

Unbeatable Service

Social-Viral offers top class service with all our Facebook and Social Media solutions, so let’s get started.

Very Quick Delivery

There’s no hanging around with Social-Viral, your Facebook Views will be with you in no time at all!

Customer Care 24/7

Call the Social-Viral team any time of day or night for the best help around, and we’ll make sure you’re getting the attention you deserve.

Why Social-Viral Is the Best Place to Buy Facebook Views

We are the people you can trust to buy real Views from real Facebook accounts, and we say it again, buying cheap Facebook Views or even taking advantage of free offers will get you only ‘bot’ likes. If you don’t want to get shut down by Facebook, buying quality, genuine Views from Social-Viral is the best way to go, and we are here to help grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get exactly what you pay for when you buy your views from SocialViral. We offer high-quality, permanent views that are identical to your account’s organic traffic.

Why is my Facebook worth investing in?

Why should I buy Facebook views?

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Will buying Facebook views put my account at risk?

How long will the views remain on my videos?

Is buying Facebook views legal?

Why should I buy my Facebook views from SocialViral?

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What our customers saying about us

These views just gave me the much needed boost I have been hoping for. I would try out the Instagram package, I really love your service.

- Sherri

Okay so I already bought the 5000 views, can I like get the 25000 views for a little discount? Great service by the way, really nice work. Thanks in advance.

- Tony

What this social viral guys are offering is an absolute steal. I didn’t believe them till I saw it, and it was what I wanted and more. I will have to try them on my Spotify.

- Sarah

I have no previous experience with buying views but it seems quite straightforward. I am happy with the results they gave me.

- Tresa

How to Buy Your Facebook Views

Follow these three easy steps and you’ll soon have a page with the necessary Facebook Views, each one from a genuine account, to get that boost you need:

Step 1

Choose the ideal package for you from those listed above and click the ‘Purchase’ button.

Step 2

Share the address of your Facebook page so we can deliver to the right place.

Step 3

Pay via our safe and secure payment gateway using your chosen method.

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